Course curriculum

  • 1

    Beginner Guitar Phase 1 - Group A

    • Basic Guitar Knowledge - Parts of the Guitar, Holding, Tuning, and First Exercise

    • Lesson 1 Recording

    • Simple Song - Amazing Grace Melody

    • Lesson 2 Recording

    • The Major Scale

    • Lesson 3 Recording

    • Major Scale Application 2 - New Orleans Style Blues Riff

    • Lesson 4 Recording

    • Major Scale Application - Down On The Corner by CCR

    • Lesson 5 Recording

    • Major Scale Octave 2 and Intro Riff to My Girl

    • Week 6 Recording

    • Star Spangled Banner

    • Week 7 Recording

    • Finding The Notes

    • Lesson 8 Recording and Charts

    • Power Chords

    • Week 9 Recording and Charts

    • Movable Power Chords

    • Lesson 10 Recording and Chart

    • Applying Power Chords - Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple

    • Lesson 11 Recording and Charts

    • Applying Power Chords Continued - Twist And Shout by The Beatles

    • Week 12 Recording and Charts


Bryan Billhimer

Center Stage instructor Bryan Billhimer is a 20 year guitar veteran with experience in teaching, live performance, and studio recordings. Bryan began his guitar playing career at the age of 14. Over a few years he learned all the fundamentals necessary to further his craft via self teaching and motivation. During high school and college Bryan performed in several bands on a regular basis playing blues and rock. In this time he earned a Bachelors degree from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Upon graduating college he worked in a local studio where he met producer Emosia (produced Blessid Union of Souls, Lakeisha Berri, etc.) and members of Blessid Union. After a year or so he was asked to join the band and toured for nearly ten years with the international recording artists covering the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Germany, and Afghanistan. Throughout his career in music, Bryan has also taught multiple students. Beginning in college and to the present, he has taught over 50 students in private lessons.